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Country Girl
Reba spends some family time in Middle Tennessee celebrating the release of her new album and enjoying the great outdoors

By Stacie Standifer

For someone who travels frequently and spends a great deal of time in Los Angeles, it’s hard to imagine that what Reba McEntire really treasures is a bit of time at home in Tennessee. But, it’s here that she is most relaxed, records her music and enjoys time with her family.

Her actual house is not what you would consider fancy, but instead a welcoming retreat. The superstar describes herself as a ‘comfy’ interior designer, explaining that personal items are what she loves most. Her décor is built around surrounding herself with familiar things and photos of her loved ones. While most of her leisure time indoors is spent in this environment, she is also a big fan of taking walks. She feels enjoying the beautiful weather here is a big part of what draws her home, and she also loves seasonal thunderstorms and rain. Another bonus to living here for her is being in touch with genuine folks. Her description of Tennesseans is that they are generally family-oriented, honest and hard-working. These are also traits most recognize in Reba herself.

Spending time at home in Sumner County might be her favorite thing to do, but she loves to get out and about to find things for herself, her family and her home. When shopping, she favors Green Hills Mall, citing Dillard’s as one of her go-to stores. She also raves about Nashville’s unique selection of small boutiques such as The Perfect Pair, Jamie and CoCo. But a girl can’t just shop—she has to eat. For dining choices, she prefers Watermark, Sambuca, Germantown Café and Green Hills Grill. And when she’s in the mood, she’ll swing down to the Station Inn on Monday night to watch the Time Jumpers perform. Reba isn’t a person who has much down time, but when she does, her activities are down-to-earth. One indulgence she truly craves is the ultimate massage, but aside from that she prefers to just go to dinner and a movie on a night off.

Not only does Reba make her home here when not filming for her self-titled TV series in Hollywood, but the Nashville area is also where she works on her music and records the ballads her fans are so fond of. Duets, her latest release, includes 11 tracks that include recordings with Kelly Clarkson, Carole King, Don Henley and some of country music’s most famous artists. There’s even a track with Justin Timberlake that was recorded in Nashville the day after his concert in town. The actual album is amazing and varied, with so many surprises that even those who are not country music fans are raving about it.

Eight of the tracks were cut on Music Row at Starstruck Entertainment. She describes the experience as very special and extremely enjoyable. Her taste in music is very diverse, which is why singing with so many of those that she’s admired over the years was such an exhilarating project.

Being in close proximity to the city is important for her work and music, but she also likes being out in more rural spaces. “What I appreciate most about the area where I live is that it’s in the country, but close enough to town that you can go grab a gallon of milk when you run out,” she says. The road construction on the freeway back and forth has made things a little tough, but she’s seen a great deal of improvement in the roads and the opportunities locally in the last ten years.

It’s easy to see why Reba’s so successful—it stems from not only an incredible voice, but also from a grounded and driven girl who loves the country life. From her love for simple and sentimental things for her home to her appreciation of all that the growing city has to offer, she truly is an ambassador for all of us living in the Nashville area.

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