Ann Marie (lilphatts) wrote in reba_fans,
Ann Marie

Hi everyone, I just joined and figured I would introduce myself and ask a question. I'm Adrian, 39 from NYC. My favorite shows are, Reba (of course), The Riches, Arrested Development, The Sopranos and Still Standing. As some of you might know none of them are on the air anymore, well the Riches are but...FX might not ok a 3rd season :(

OK on to my Reba question, does anyone know if season 5 and 6 will come out on DVD? I heard that seasons 1-4 (which are out on DVD) were made by the WB but 5 and 6 were made when the WB switched to CW11 and 20th Century Fox and CW11 and Fox may not but 5 and 6 on DVD. Does anyone have any news about when/if 5 and 6 will be released out on DVD?

~ Adrian
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